Cold-air intake boxes start at $99.90! Custom-made cold-air intake boxes are available for most any BMW on the road today!

Signature Motoring heat shields are made of STEEL sheet metal laminated to heat absorbing material and trimmed with a generous amount of insulating rubber and will not vibrate and rattle as is common with cheaper flimsy plastic shields with tiny strips of rubber only along the top!

Signature Motoring heat shields are designed to dramatically reduce particles and other contaminates from soiling your high performance conical air filter. This will increase the life of your air filter AND YOUR ENGINE!

Signature Motoring performance intake heat shields are available for most any BMW on the road! All installation hardware and color photo-assisted instructions are included. Average install time for a high-performance air intake is about 30 minutes!

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The photos below are examples of heat shield models and may differ in design than that which would be applicable to your model BMW. However, superior craftsmanship and quality materials are the same for all our heat shield models.



It is recommended that on some BMWs, the grills may be performance enhanced to increase air flow by having the left grill panel vents fully opened as pictured below. Signature Motoring charges $30.00-$55.00 to perform this service. (E30 grill pictured).